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Agnoli, Barber & Brundage designed the Arthrex, Inc. site when the headquarters were relocated from Horseshoe Drive to Creekside Boulevard in 2002. Design included potable water, fire supply, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, site plan and grading. Since then, we have designed and permitted various changes to the building and site as the facility has expanded. The following modifications and expansions have been designed and permitted:

  • Conversion of warehouse and manufacturing buildings into office business uses

  • Conversion of warehouse delivery and truck ramps into an outdoor seating and paver plaza area

  • Conversion of manufacturing service area into office front and pedestrian plaza

  • Arthrex Boulevard widening and roundabout design

  • Creekside Street median enhancements and roundabout design

  • US Post Office parking lot, driveway and lake revisions

  • Arthrex Administration Headquarters site plan and engineering design

  • Hotel site plan and engineering design

Arthrex Drone Image
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