Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project (“LASIP”)

The Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project (“LASIP”) consists of improvements to an existing drainage system for an 11,100-acre East Naples area which formed the major portions of the former Water Management District No. 6 area. The LASIP area project is generally bounded on the north by Radio Road, on the east by C.R. 951, on the west by an existing FP&L easement located approximately a 1-1/2 miles west and parallel to Airport-Pulling Road, and along the south by wetlands associated with Naples Bay and Rookery Bay. Although the project had some water management improvements, it generally suffered from a lack of a comprehensive outfall system and design.

Agnoli, Barber, and Brundage’s project purpose was to lower the flood elevations and to reduce the duration of peak stages while providing as much water quality improvement and recharge as possible. ABB’s careful design of the project has avoided wetland impacts where possible and minimized unavoidable wetland impacts to the maximum extent practicable, while still meeting the overall project purpose.