The Planning Department at Agnoli, Barber & Brundage is one of the firm’s most important growing areas of practice. We focus on exceptional client service, providing an unparalleled range of land planning consulting services, including design and conceptual land use plans, architectural site plan coordination, zoning and other applications for development approvals, detailed land use planning, coordination of project teams, and permitting.

Our planning director and planning staff have the know-how and personal connections required to guide clients painlessly through numerous levels of regulation and review. The participatory process and workshop consensus-building strategies are paramount to increasing client involvement and maximizing consultant’s talents. Our guiding principle for each project is the client’s stated need.

Other services include comprehensive city, community and urban planning and design services. The firm offers consultant services to the public and private sector in the areas of comprehensive planning, land developing regulations (zoning), urban design and mixed-use guidelines, regulatory impact evaluation, growth pattern planning, and development modeling. Increasingly complex public policy and regulatory requirements demand experienced interpretation and innovative approaches. Agnoli, Barber & Brundage meets this demand.

Representative Projects: