Popash Creek Culvert Improvements

The Lee County Division of Natural Resources retained the services of Agnoli, Barber & Brundage to perform a hydraulic analysis of the conveyances within the Popash Creek basin and to recommend and design the associated culvert improvements. The project scope focused on problematic areas that experienced historic flooding issues with the intent of improving the overall conveyance.

ABB’s scope of work included reviewing, verifying, and updating the Existing Conditions hydraulic model prepared as part of the North Fort Myers Surface Water Management study, along with obtaining current topographical and cross-sectional field survey data of the existing channel conveyances and culvert structures. The tasks also included creating an Updated Existing Conditions model and preparing exhibits for staff review which graphically indicated the locations and stages of flooding within the watershed.

ABB then identified the problem areas and created a Proposed Conditions model of improvements to reduce the recurring drainage issues. ABB also prepared construction plans of the proposed replacement culverts within the Meredith Road and Henderson Road area and obtained the governmental permits required for construction. The objective of the proposed improvements was to attempt to alleviate the flooding with new culvert structures without causing adverse impacts or higher flood stages within the basin.