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Salano Road

Solana Road Stormwater Improvements Design Services ABB was contracted by the Collier County Board of County Commissioners to provide professional services for Solana Road Stormwater Improvements. The purpose of the project is to reduce upstream flooding by improving the capacity of approximately 2,000 feet of culvert and 1,000 feet of open ditch. The project occurred along the north side of Solana Road starting from the west side of Goodlette-Frank Road and ending at the outfall into the Gordan River. 


The project was funded by a grant from the Federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program through the Florida Division of Emergency Management and Collier County.

Services Provided:

  • Preliminary Discovery including Alternatives

  • Surveying

  • Develop a Basis of Design Report

  • Modelling

  • Cost Benefit Analysis 

  • Develop Recommended Hydraulic Design

  • Final Design

  • 60% design plans 

  • Benefit Cost Analysis

  • South Florida Water Management Permit

  • Collier County Right-of-Way Permit

  • Post-Design Services

  • Utility coordination

  • Bid documents

  • Bidding assistance

  • Letter of Recommended Award

  • Contractor Reference Check

  • Engineer of Record services during construction

  • Shop drawing review and approval

  • Record drawings and final construction certification 

Salano Road Drone Image
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