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308 Force Main

Collier County contracted with ABB for MPS 308 Force Main Improvements, a multi-year multi-phased project. 


In 2010, the County retained the services of ABB to design approximately 3,200 LF of a parallel 12" force main from MPS 308 to Palm Drive. Those plans reached the 90% design stage when the County decided to change the design and considered sending flows south to the Courthouse pump station 


The alignment was changed to relocate MPS 308 to the SE corner of Shadowlawn Drive and Linwood Ave. This relocation required the design of approximately 650 LF of force main to connect the new station location with the above 3,200 LF of force main that originated at the then existing station's location. This change also included the relocation of approximately 2,150 LF of 16" force main from the connection at Palm Drive to run north on Palm Drive and east on Davis Blvd. to an existing force main at the intersection with Lakewood Blvd.

Services Provided

  • Master Planning/Base Data

  • Design Surveying 

  • Civil Design/Construction plans (60%, 90%, 100%)

  • Permitting 

    • Collier County ROW Permit

    • FDOT Utility and ROW Permit

    • FDEP Wastewater Permit

  • Bidding Services

  • Construction Services

    • Pre-construction meeting

    • Site Observation 

    • Prepare record drawings

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