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Collier County

Through the years, Agnoli, Barber & Brundage has completed many projects on the Collier County Government Center complex. The projects listed below involved various civil engineering and surveying projects, usually conducted under the terms of our annual or fixed term consulting services contracts with Collier County. Some of this work was conducted through the Facilities Management Department, some was through Public Utilities Engineering, and at least two projects were at the direction of the County Manager.

  • Building C Addition

  • Building W Addition

  • Handicap Parking Analysis

  • Various Parking Lot Modifications

  • Complex Reclaimed Irrigation Water Study

  • Phase I Utility Improvements

  • Phase II Utility Improvements

  • City/County Utility Service Swap

  • Boundary Survey

  • Gargiulo Property Acquisition Assistance

  • Gargiulo Parking Lot Design, Permit and Construction

  • Utility Master Plan Study

  • Courthouse Stormwater Management Plan

  • Complex Masterplan Implementation

  • Methodist Church Shared Parking Addition

  • Hurricane Wilma Emergency Utility Work

Collier County Government Center Image
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