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Freedom Park

The Freedom Park Bypass Outfall Project (FPBOP) is one of the key improvements proposed by Collier County for the Gordon River Watershed. The project will improve stormwater conveyance capacity from the Goodlette-Frank roadside swale out to the Gordon River. In turn, this will minimize flooding of streets and properties in the upstream reaches of the swale and provide relief to those contributory areas of the western Gordon River Basin. The work proposed builds on previous H&H modeling efforts by ABB, and the design incorporates the improvement proposals outlined in the Gordon River Master Plan. This work consists of widening the existing Freedom Park outfall connection and the installation of a weir structure to control drainage outflow to the Gordon River. The new channel generally follows the existing alignment, flowing west to east towards the river along the north boundary of Freedom Park (AKA Gordon River Water Quality Park). Although the proposed channel lies mostly in uplands, its easterly terminus is in a wetland area. The scope of work also included significant wetland restoration efforts at the east end of the channel at the Gordon River outfall. The FPBOP includes a project area of 4.42 acres.

Services Provided:

  • Permitting

  • Survey

  • Construction plans

  • CEI Services

  • Drainage/Stormwater Management

Freedom Park Drone Image
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