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Lely Area Stormwater 
Improvement Project

Services Provided

  • Hydrology

  • Master Planning

  • Stormwater Modeling

  • Phasing

  • Detailed Design

  • Development of Contract Documents

  • Permitting with SFWMD, USACOE and review agencies

  • Construction Services

Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project Exhibit

LASIP County Barn Road

Incorporated LASIP drainage improvements into the County Barn Road safety improvement project. The length of the project was 2 miles from Davis Boulevard (SR 84) to Rattlesnake Hammock Road. Major drainage improvements included 2 miles of ditch improvements on the east side of the roadway, 3,600 LF of pipe sized 36” or greater, 2,300 LF of 8’x4’ concrete box culvert and a 60’wide concrete weir structure with (2) 5’x5’ sluice gates.

LASIP Santa Barbara Canals

The canal project was built under our construction contract with the Santa Barbara Boulevard Extension from Davis Blvd. (SR 84) to Rattlesnake Hammock Road. The project consisted of 3,000 LF of new canal, 62’ wide with a maintenance path. 120 LF of 4’x8’ box culvert and 168 LF of 5’x10’ box culvert was constructed under side roads. Three 23’ wide control structures were constructed with (2) 3’x’3 sluice gates.

Lely Main Canal Extension

This project received outfall from both the County Barn Road and Royal Wood Country Club projects. Approximately 1 mile of canal was improved to 80’ in width as well as the addition of an adjacent maintenance path. A triple 10’x’4 concrete box culvert was added under Doral Circle. This box culvert was connected to a 60’ wide concrete weir structure with (2) 5’x5’ sluice gates.

Lely Branch Canal Phase 1A

The canal improvement consisted of widening 1 mile of canal to 60’ in width along with the addition of a maintenance path. Due to right-of-way restrictions, a portion of the canal bank was constructed with gabions. 50 LF of 8’x 4’ box culvert was added to accommodate the maintenance path.

Lely Branch Canal Phase 1A Weir

A 30’ wide concrete weir was added to the Phase 1A canal in order to increase dry-season lake levels in the surrounding communities. (3) 7’x4’ sluice gates were also included.

Lely Branch Canal Phase 1BN

This canal is a continuation of Phase 1A to the north. 2,000 LF of canal was widened to 85’ plus a maintenance path. Due to right-of-way constraints, gabions were used to construct both sides of the canal banks. Other drainage improvements included 100 LF of 5’x8’ of concrete box culvert. In addition, two sanitary sewer pump stations were constructed.

LASIP Mitigation Park

This park provided on-site mitigation for a portion of the LASIP project. The main portion of the park is 99.2-acres and included additional 10-acre and 1.6-acre tracts. In total, the mitigation park restored 41 acres of wetlands impacted by the LASIP construction.

Lely Manor Canal West Outfall North Section

Improved 4,300 LF of canal to 85’ in width along with a maintenance path on both sides of the canal.

LASIP Davis Boulevard Canal

ABB performed the ERP and Dewatering permitting with SFWMD. In addition, ABB prepared topographical survey to aid in design of 9,000 LF of canal improvements and acquisition of necessary easements.

LASIP Wingsouth Airpark Improvements

Approximately 2.25 miles of existing ditches, varying in width from 20’ to 40’, were improved as part of the project. Concrete box culvert improvements consisted of 85 LF of 8’x4’ and 35 LF of 5’x’3’. Over 1,700 LF of concrete pipe, sizes 36”, 48” and 54”, were installed. Three concrete weir structures were also constructed. They consisted of a 10’ wide weir with (2) 2’x’2’ sluice gates and two 30’ wide weirs with (2) 3’x3’ sluice gates.

Naples Manor Outfalls 3 & 4

Consisted of improving two parallel canals, each approximately ½ mile in length, to a width of 60’ with a maintenance path. Outfall #4 had pipe sizes up to 72”. The outfall for the project was an existing box culvert under US 41 which needed over 1,100 LF of 60” RCP along US 41 to reach the outfall.

Royal Wood Country Club LASIP Culverts

This project is located directly downstream from the LASIP Santa Barbara Canals. The existing drainage system within the golf course had to be modified in order to accept increased flow from the new canals to the north as well as address some historical flooding issues that the community had experienced. A total of 7 crossings were increased by adding 140 LF of 8’x4’ concrete box culvert and 385 LF of dual 8’x4’ box culvert. Other improvements consisted of a 35’ wide concrete with (2) 5’x5’ sluice gates and 1,200 LF of canal was widened to 60’.

Rattlesnake Hammock Road

During the six-lane widening of Rattlesnake-Hammock Road, two major LASIP features were incorporated into the design. The first was a dual 12’x4’ concrete box culvert crossing under the road. The second was over 2,700 LF of 8’x4’ concrete box culvert which provided the outfall for the LASIP Wingsouth Airpark project.

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