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Airglades Airport
Area Land Use

In 2017, Hendry County conducted a Land Use Study for the 36,000+/-acres of land surrounding the Airglades Airport (“Study”).  This study was managed by Margaret Emblidge, AICP as the Planning and Community Development Director for Hendry County. The Airglades International Airport has been in the process of expanding into a Perishable Air Cargo Complex. Based on this expansion Hendry County determined the need for a proactive plan for future development around the airport. Since 2015 there has been several privately initiated comprehensive plan map amendments and rezonings in anticipation of the expansion. 

The Study examined future land use, zoning, and existing land uses, in addition to environmental features and infrastructure, in the context of the County’s LDC and Comprehensive Plan. The Study also incorporated public input obtained from landowners, stakeholders, and the community in general. The study was completed in 2018 and was followed by a transportation study to address the impacts of this new development on SR80/US27.

This Study was one component of the County’s Community-Driven Economic Development Strategy and is intended to direct future planning efforts identified in the 2017 Hendry County Competitive Florida Asset Mapping Report, relating to the Airglades Airport expansion. The Land Use Study was funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Economic Development Community Planning Technical Assistance Program.

Airglades Airport Area Exhibit
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