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U.S. Open Pickleball
East Naples Community Park

ABB has been hired to assist Collier County Parks & Recreation in their efforts to renovate East Naples Community Park to better accommodate the national pickleball tournament in 2018 by facilitating the design of ten new pickleball courts as well as creating a master concept plan for the future. The growing sport took root in Southwest Florida, and the park went through a number of upgrades to accommodate the growing needs.  We were tasked to develop a multi-phase Master Plan that would accommodate the growing US Open National Pickleball Tournament and better anticipate the needs of the community.  The development of this Master Plan was facilitated by the Planning and Engineering Tasks Below: 

  • Assessing Park Infrastructure Needs

  • Community Design Meetings

  • Design collaboration with Event Organizers

  • Neighborhood Information Meetings

  • Design Sketches highlighting phases

  • Phases Permitting and Construction schedule development

  • Presentations to Stakeholders and County Commissioners

  • Work Scoping, breakout into individual Construction Projects

East Naples Community Park Image
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